Urban Transformations in the World

European & International Urban Policies

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Date: 19th March 2021 – h. 3.00 pm

In this episode we will report on developments in Ukraine

Speech of: Roman Pomazan
Architect and urban planner, Ukraine
Urban Sustain Architects member of ISOCARP and AVERE
New Urban Agenda for Kyiv Metropolis
The speech investigates the current urban planning issues of Kyiv and mainly the hypothesis of the
decentralized Kyiv Metropolitan City based on the Metro Matrix Reticular planning.


Date: 26th February 2021 – h. 3.00 pm

Speech: Silvia Ronchi

Politecnico di Milano, Italy

Department of Architecture and Urban Studies


Poland and Hungary

Date: 15th Junaryr 2021 – h. 3.00 pm

Speech: Anita Kukulska-Kozieł, Katarzyna Cegielska, Tomasz Noszczyk

University of Agriculture in Kraków, Poland

Department of Land Management and Landscape Architecture



Date: 4th december 2020 – h. 3.00 pm

Speech: Purna Sati Chandrala

University of Bonn, Istitute of Geodesy and GeoInformation (IGG)