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European & International Urban Policies

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Urban Transformations in the World: a perspective from Poland and Hungary

Welcome to the second instalment of the series “Urban Transformations in the World” In this episode we will report on developments in two large areas, Poland and Hungary. Speech of: Anita Kukulska-Kozieł – Katarzyna Cegielska – Tomasz Noszczyk University of Agriculture in Kraków, Poland Department of Land Management and Landscape Architecture Classification of urban structure…
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Which urban design parameters provide climate-proof cities? An application of the Urban Cooling InVEST Model in the city of Milan comparing historical planning morphologies

Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect has become one of the most significant hazards for cities, presenting a challenge for dense anthropic areas affected by climate change with enormous consequences for health and human well-being. Ecosystem Services (ES) are increasingly attracting attention for their use in setting urban design parameters and criteria which can be deployed…
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